NHL 24: Three Hockey Ultimate Team changes we would like to see

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NHL 24 is right around the corner and one of the biggest focus points in EA’s franchise is the Hockey Ultimate Team game mode. It is one of EA Sports’ biggest money makers when it comes to the franchise, and it is also one of the most competitive game modes that the franchise offers. Over the years, we have seen HUT undergo quite a few changes. But here’s what we’d like to see different with Hockey Ultimate Team in NHL 24.

1. Cross Platform Market

Crossplay gaming is one of the most requested features in video games in today’s era of gaming. We have seen NHL incorporate crossplay in their video games, but it is time to take Crossplay to the next level.

Browsing the HUT Market is something that every HUT player does on the regular. On the market, you can sometimes find great players at a great price if you are looking at the right time. The more players that you get at a bargain price, the better and more competitive you can make your team without having to spend too many HUT coins. If you were able to combine the PlayStation HUT market and the Xbox HUT market, you would have double the opportunity to sell and purchase cards.

Selling cards on the marketplace isn’t always the easiest, especially if you are looking for a very specific price. Sometimes it takes multiple listings before you sell your cards at the desired price. If you were able to showcase to double the audience, you would not only have a better chance of selling your cards, but you never know what else bargain deals you may come across. If EA Sports were to take Crossplay to the next level, this is the step they would take.

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