Starfield: Mod support is coming sometime in 2024

Some of the biggest questions surrounding new Bethesda video games always have to do with mods. The reason for this is because Bethesda Studios have always been huge advocates for players modding their games. The same can be said when it comes to Starfield as well. One of the biggest questions for Starfield thus far was will Starfield supports mods on PC? Of course the answer to that question was yes.

Once that was confirmed by Bethesda Studios, there was a lot of speculation as to exactly when mod support would make its way into Starfield. For a while, all we had was previous history to support any claims. Fallout 4 offered official mod support roughly 6 months after the release date. That led to the speculation that Starfield would follow in the same footsteps. However, Todd Howard has given us a more concrete answer as to when we can officially expect mod support in Starfield.

Todd Howard recently did an interview with Famitsu. During the interview, mods were brought up and Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield would get official mod support during 2024. Todd Howard also stated that “You will be able to do almost anything, just like in previous works.” This confirms that the possibilities of mods will be endless. This also confirms that we aren’t going to get official mod support before the end of 2023.

With that being said, if Starfield did indeed follow in the footsteps of Fallout 4, that puts us right around March. However, all Todd Howard said was that it would be coming in 2024. He did not state as to which months you can expect to see mod support starting in. It could be during the early portion of 2024 or the later portion of 2024.

If you are looking to get your hands on some mods sooner, there are some mods that are currently available. However, none of these mods are too big. If you are looking for the giant meat and potatoes of mods, those will have to wait till official mod support comes in 2024.

All of this time between now and the release of official mod support will give gamers plenty of time to complete as much of Starfield as humanly possible. By that time, you should have completed everything you have wanted to complete throughout the game. Then again, Starfield is a massive game and the number of content is nearly endless. When bigger, more official mods are supported, the content is truly going to be endless.