Starfield: How to Max your piloting skill fast

Starfield has so many things that you can do, that saying there’s a lot is a vast understatement. Ship building and piloting is a huge component of space combat. Here, we’ll take you through how to max the piloting skill incredibly fast with absolutely zero chance of death so as to ensure you the ability to fly the best ships.

You’ll need to upgrade your piloting skill in order to build and fly better ships. And to do this, you need to destroy A LOT of enemy ships. Don’t worry, as you do not need to do this with actual enemies. Go to the UC Vanguard office in New Atlantis and talk to the Commander. He will send you downstairs to the flight simulator in order to check your skills. There are 6 levels in the Sim, and you can only “ACE” it on your first try. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need this. The sim is pretty easy until you get to level 5, so here’s where we begin:

How to max your Pilot skill fast in Starfield

  1. Start the Sim, then IMMEDIATELY get up from your seat.
  2. Use the computer to access the debug files
  3. Start the Sim and take out enemies.
  4. If it gets too hard, fly your ship and stop in between the giant pillars of the space station. You can’t miss it.
  5. Enemy ships will crash and explode into the station without being able to hit you. You win the Sim.

Now, keep doing this over and over until you meet the count for ships destroyed. You will need 5, 15 and 30 ships destroyed for levels 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Doing this allows you to earn XP and unlock the skill immediately and allow you the ability to create and commandeer the best ships in the game.

Hope this helps you on your journey through the stars. How much of Starfield have you explored? Let us know below.