Does Madden 24 have Crossplay support in Franchise Mode?

Crossplay is one of the features that has been most talked about in Madden 24 so far. However, there has been no talk about Crossplay in Franchise Mode. We know that Franchise Mode is going to have a lot of improvements this year, but many gamers are wondering if Crossplay is going to be one of them.

Is Crossplay coming to Madden 24?

It would be nice if you could invite friends to your franchise even if they were on a different platform than you. It would grant you the opportunity to get as many players in your franchise mode as possible. We all have a couple of friends that have opposite platforms than us, but we tend to play the same game. Different platforms wouldn’t be a problem anymore if Crossplay came to Franchise Mode.

Unfortunately, Crossplay in Franchise Mode isn’t coming to Madden 24 this year. EA Sports implemented Crossplay in a variety of other Madden 24 game modes this year, but Franchise Mode was not one of them. Instead, there have been rumors that EA Sports will focus on bringing Crossplay to Franchise Mode next year.

Franchise Mode will look a bit different this year and for the better. One big change that is coming is the addition of more trade slots. When making a trade, you were always limited to just filling three slots in the trade. This isn’t always accurate in relation to real NFL trades. Every once in a while, you will look at the breaking news to find out that 3 players and two draft picks were traded for two players. Five being traded from one team and only two from the other. You will be able to make this happen now.

The number of trade slots has been increased from 3 to 6. The max number of players you can add to a trade is limited to three, but you can also include draft picks in with players to reach the max limit of 6 if you want to. There is also no max on draft picks you can trade. If you want to propose a trade that has 6 draft picks in it, you can do that.

While Crossplay won’t be a thing this year in Madden 24, there will be plenty of other features to hold you over until next year. If the rumors are correct, Madden 25 will be the first game to offer Crossplay. Nothing is for certain though. We still have a long way to go before we arrive at Madden 25.